Badar Ghalib – Business & Financial Modeling Specialist

Badar Ghalib-Business & Financial Modeling Specialist

Badar Ghalib-Business & Financial Modeling Specialist

Financial modeling is the business planning process where the business predicts its future financial projections. This is in fact a financial roadmap that helps the businesses to estimate future business income, expenses, assets, liabilities, and equity-related financial variables by preparing the next 3 to 10 years or so projected income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. 

For future financial estimation and forecasting, historical financial data is very helpful. If the financial modeling is conducted for a startup business, then historical financial data wouldn’t be available, so the financial data from similar businesses in the same industry would provide the financial modeling foundation for the company under consideration. During the financial modeling process along with the financial and accounting skills, the other most crucial skill that a financial modeler needs, is his or her analytical comprehension and understanding. 

Fortunately, I have learned accounting and finance-related skills through my master of commerce, and bachelor of commerce studies. My analytical skills were polished through the past 15 years of financial modeling, accounting, business management-related work experiences.

I began my career with a multinational commercial bank in 2006. After serving there for 5 years, I switched to the freelancing field as a virtual business & financial modeling specialist. I do projects related to business planning, financial modeling, pitch deck crafting, and other related tasks. I have served many international clients for their business and financial modeling projects, and most of my previous clients have given me excellent feedback reviews.

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