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Accounting is a science as well as an art. Financial accounting is recording transactions so that financial summary reports are obtained. Days ago, manual books were maintained to record the financial transactions of a business. However, in the present modern time, several accounting software tools and ERP systems exist for this purpose. Still, people struggle to understand how these accounting software tools and techniques work. Amongst the different accounting software tools, QuickBooks is the most popular software for small and medium businesses. Quickbooks is so popular because this software is straightforward to use.

Different Quickbooks Versions and Modules

Quickbooks comes in two major versions, the desktop version and the cloud-based. Quickbooks desktop also comes in Pro, Premier, and Quickbooks Enterprise versions. Quickbooks Online or cloud-based versions have now become very popular. Its popularity is because this cloud-based version can be accessed online literally from anywhere in the world, where the computer and internet are available. Quickbooks Online is available in QBO Simple Start, Essentials, Plus, and Advanced versions. Customer Center, Vendor Center, Banking-related modules, and the Reports module are common in all the Quickbooks versions. There are also several lists, like customers, vendors, products, etc.

Quickbooks Online is Gaining Popularity

Conventionally accountants are more familiar with the Quickbooks Desktop version. However, modern trends reveal that businesses are now preferring cloud-based Quickbooks over the desktop version. In the recent past, the Quickbooks desktop was undoubtedly a powerful tool that could provide all the needed accounting functionalities for medium and small businesses. However, now Quickbooks Online Plus and Advanced versions are also almost at par with the functionalities of their QB desktop counterparts, along with added cloud accessibility. In a nutshell, Quickbooks is still a leading accounting software around the globe because of its ease of use and adaptability to newly emerged business trends.


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