what is NFT and blockchain

Blockchain and Its Role in NFT

Blockchain is an innovative technology that was first introduced in 2009 when Bitcoin cryptocurrency appeared in the market. Blockchain works in two ways. Firstly, it works as a distributed network of the digital ledger, and secondly, it is a secure system that makes safely transfer of digital ownership of assets from one hand to the…

Business and Finance

Investment Opportunities in 2022

Because of Covid-19, we are living in an uncertain world. One of the biggest questions among the business community is where to invest in 2022? Because of significant uncertainties in conventional businesses, people with finance consider investing in particular assets. Since the industrial revolution, the stock market concept emerged and is one of the most…


What is the Blockchain Technology?

We often hear the term “Blockchain.” However, most of us don’t know the real meaning behind this term. Blockchain is the computing and IT-related technology where typically, the accounting and transactional ledgers are interlinked. These transactional ledgers are sometimes called blocks, and the interlinking of these transactional ledgers is called a blockchain. For instance, once…

financial management
Business and Finance

Successful Business Growth is Directly Related to the Effective Financial Management

What is Financial Management? Financial management means utilizing business financial resources effectively and efficiently to achieve the organizational goals of revenue growth and wealth maximization. Finance professionals are liable to perform this job. An organization has the finance either through equity investment or by business loans. A financial manager typically decides which capital structure suits their organization….


Role of Management to Manage a Business? کاروبار میں انتظامیہ – منجمنٹ کا کردار

Role of Management Let’s see what is the role of management to manage a project. Management is the systematic process of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the organizational resources, in such a way that to achieve the organizational goals effectively and efficiently. This is the role of management to manage an entire business.