The UK Startup Visa – The Easiest Way to Go to the UK

UK Startup Visa

UK Startup Visa

The United Kingdom is one of the most developed nations in the world. Most people living in developing and developed nations keep the desire to migrate to the UK for a better lifestyle. However, the immigration process to obtain a UK visa is becoming complicated day by day. There are many kinds of visas to migrate to the UK, and their eligibility criteria differ. The British government has introduced the UK startup visa for people with better business understanding to come to the UK and run their business here.

The UK startup visa is for people with a definite plan for how they will initiate and run their business in the UK. The business idea for this business plan must be based upon three fundamental principles of innovation, viability, and scalability. Innovation is that the business must be unique and one of its kind. The principle of viability means that the business initiator should be able to initiate and start the business successfully in the UK. The scalability is that there must be significant room for business growth in the UK and other potential markets.

The other visa requirements include having a certain amount of money (currently around £1,270) in the bank account for one month. Further, the candidate should also be 18+ years of age and have scored 5.5 bands minimum in IELTS General. The most challenging thing the candidates commonly face during the startup business visa process is that they don’t have a definite business plan or no idea how to craft a business plan that satisfies the British government’s designated endorsement body.

Luckily I am in the practice of crafting business plans for the UK startup visa and yet have successfully prepared dozens of business plans for the UK startup visa with the highest success rate. I will share different innovative business ideas in the upcoming posts that you can incorporate into your business plans. However, if you still feel trouble preparing a good business plan for the UK startup visa that satisfies the endorsement body, you may contact me by Clicking Here!!


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