Virtual Reality is Transforming the World

VR Technology

VR Technology

Simply saying, creating a simulated environment with the help of computer-related equipment and software tools to create a virtual reality environment is regarded as a Virtual Reality Environment. A head-mounted display device, HMD is the equipment that is used to display visual creatures and things that looks like very similar to real-life creatures.

In the present time, virtual reality is very effectively used in science and technology, trade and commerce, education, manufacturing, and the construction industry. Virtual reality is a three-dimensional world (3D) rather than the traditional 2D screens. A user can experience the virtual environment just like the real world. With the advancement in technology, now HMD devices are getting smaller, faster, and more reliable. VR technology is now widely in use in town planning, construction, architectural designing, and sustainable development.

There are three major types of VR Technology:

  • Non-immersive Technology
  • Semi-immersive Technology
  • Fully Immersive Technology

Non-immersive virtual reality technology is where the user very well remains aware of his or her surroundings. Non-immersive VR technology is mostly used in computing and simulation environments.

Semi-immersive VR technology is where a partial virtual environment is created. The semi-immersive VR technology is normally used for education and training purposes, for instance, virtual training and learning modules, and flight simulations.

Fully Immersive VR Technology: Currently, fully immersive VR technology is not available in its complete form. However, the world is heading towards this milestone very swiftly. This technology is partially available, where a user can sense all five senses in a virtual environment. Car racing gaming is one of the examples where fully immersive VR technology is introduced. This can be concluded that VR technology is transforming the world swiftly toward a revolutionized direction.


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