Working as an Amazon VA is a Lucrative Source of Earnings

Amazon Virtual Assistant

Amazon Virtual Assistant

Working as an Amazon VA is in fact a very lucrative job. An Amazon Virtual Assistant is associated with the businesses that are usually the part of Amazon Seller Central Program. Amazon Seller Central Program normally functions on different business models:

  1. Arbitrage (Amazon has stopped allowing this business practice now). The arbitrage business model is where the seller gets orders on Amazon and forwards them to some other marketplace, for instance, eStay to buy products from there at some cheap price and sell them on Amazon for a higher margin.
  2. Dropshipping is the popular business model on the Amazon marketplace. In this popular business model, not so much finance is required to run the business. The orders received at the Amazon platform are sent to the vendors directly where the vendors send products to our customers with our labels on these products.
  3. The third business model at Amazon is Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) where we keep our products at the Amazon warehouse. Most of the shipments and return issues are dealt with by Amazon. FBA is further sub-divided into FBA-Private Label which is the most popular business model. In the FBA-PL business model, Amazon staff put our private labels on the products we sell to our customers. The FBA-Wholesale model on the other hand is where Amazon is not instructed by us to put private labels on the products that we receive from our vendors/suppliers to sell to our customers.
  4. Fulfilment by Merchant (FBM) is Amazon’s business model where we as a seller, store and ship products to our customers once we receive orders at Amazon Seller Central Account. We are also responsible for any returns and storage issues. FBM is not a much-liked business model.

We as Amazon’s Virtual Assistants have to opt for any of the above Amazon business models. The starting point of working as an Amazon VA job is to set up our Client account (the clients are the real sellers who invest their money in the Amazon business). Often the clients have money but either they don’t have sufficient time, or sometimes they don’t have the relevant skills to run Amazon’s business. Thus, they hire Amazon VAs or Amazon Business Managers to perform all or some of the business tasks on the client’s behalf. After setting up the client’s account on Amazon, the other important VA tasks include the Product Hunting job that needs a higher level of research and related software skills (Helium 10, etc.), sourcing and communication skills to contact the suppliers, product listing and labelling, Amazon dashboard management skills to fulfil customers’ orders, financial report extraction skills etc.

In return, if an Amazon VA performs well, the client offers the VA very lucrative financial returns. Amazon VAs also have the opportunity to run their own business at Amazon Seller Central Marketplace once they have sufficient resources to support their new Amazon business initiative.


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